March Newsletter

Thank you to everybody who joined our public meeting on 11th March. We had two great guest speakers: Professor Stephen Reicher (member of Independent Sage, based at St Andrews University) and Lara Wong, founder of Clinically Vulnerable Families. If you missed the event, then you can watch and listen to both speakers’ presentations and their responses to questions here: 

Covid Pledge Week of Action

This week (20th-26th March) is the Covid Pledge of Action, which aims to persuade more trade unions, employers and businesses to endorse the five simple asks of the pledge. 

  • If you’re on Twitter then please look out for the daily tweets from @covidpledge and retweet them!
  • If you’re a member of a trade union or in a position to ask any businesses (e.g. local shops) to support the pledge, then please find  resources, including (i) a ‘five asks’ leaflet which is for vulnerable people to use in approaching businesses, (ii) a leaflet for the general public explaining why we need to take action and what they can do, and a checklist for auditing workplace ventilation
  • Please send news by emailing , including:
    •  (i) stories about actions you are taking during the Week of Action,
    • (ii) stories of any successes in getting support for the Pledge,
    • (iii) stories of bad practice by employers,
    • (iv) stories of how people are affected by failure to make spaces safe or (conversely) how their lives have been improved by good practices (including signing up to the Pledge).

ONS Covid survey stopped – and e-action to MPs to ask for it to be restarted

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has been providing gold standard research and up-to-date figures about the level of Covid infections and about Long Covid. Those surveys have been “paused” by the Westminster government, which means that from now on, we will have little idea about how high infection levels are at any time and that nobody will be tracking the number of people suffering from Long Covid.

Please take part in the email alert set up by Covid Action UK and write to your MP:

Many thanks!

The Zero Covid Scotland team

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