Public Meeting: Covid Prevention is Possible

2-3.30 pm, Saturday, 11th March, on Zoom

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Since summer 2021, there has hardly been a week when the number of Covid-19 infections across the UK dropped below 1 million. With new variants spreading all the time, people are getting infected again and again, and the number of people suffering from Long Covid and organ damage keeps rising. To end the cycle of illness, we need sustainable ways of preventing infections. 

Join us to listen to two excellent spreakers, followed by discussion:

  • Prof Stephen Reicher, St Andrews University and member of Independent Sage: Professor Reicher has also been involved in the Behavioural Science advice to the UK and Scottish Governments and now part of the Scottish Pandemic Preparedness Committee. He will be speaking in a personal capacity.
  • Lara Wong, founder of Clinically Vulnerable Families, a support and advocacy group.