Covid Action            Our sister Organisation. Articles and opinion pieces, commentary and analysis on emerging research and policy

Long Covid Kids              An organisation that supports families and children living with Long-Covid. Find lots of information and research, awareness campaigns and a support community on their website.

Long Covid Nurses and Midwives was set up in January 2022 as a campaign and advocacy group for NHS nurses and midwives with Long Covid.

Independent SAGE A group of independent scientists and researchers that provide advice on how to minimise infection. Their group was set up at the beginning of the pandemic to counteract the lack of transparency surrounding the official government advisory panel and to ensure a broad spectrum of scientific perspective. They provide weekly public meetings on Fridays at 13.30pm.

Body Politic          An international grass roots campaign, advocacy organisation and support group for patients and people with disabilities. They strive for a patient-centred and patient-empowered approach to research, education and public discussion. Shortly after the beginning pandemic, they set up the Covid-19 Support Group to provide information, resources and on online community for those struggling to improve after a Covid-19 infection.

The World Health Network       An international organisation comprised of scientists and citizens to minimise the health, social and economic harms of Covid. They release advice, data and information on multiple areas of the global Covid-19 response. They also have campaigns for action, petitions and opinion pieces to read from members.

Greater Manchester Law Centre        They have compiled a Covid-19 survival guide in the form of advice and resources to cope with the harms of Covid-19. Find advice on employment and benefits, debt, housing, marginalised communities and more.

Scottish Hazards Campaign A health and safety campaign to minimise unsafe environments, and work-related illness to protect workers and service users. They strive for worker-led health and safety policies, and adequate sick pay for workers. They believe regulation and workplace culture ought to reflect workers’ needs, their health and safe participation in society. 

Long Covid SOS. A group of long-term sufferers formed the LongCovidSOS campaign to put pressure on the government to recognise the needs of those with Long Covid, and to raise awareness among the general public and employers so that people with this condition are not discriminated against.