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The Covid Action Scotland website is aimed at providing better information about how to reduce virus spread through its Resources section. There is also a Blog for occasional articles, a section for upcoming Events, and a section giving Links to other useful websites.  

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This Covid Action website was set up in July 2022, at a point in the Covid-19 pandemic when it had become virtually impossible for people to protect themselves from infection without withdrawing from society. 

This situation arose when governments across the world lifted all restrictions and in many countries withdrew test and trace services. The virus has been set free to spread, resulting in further deaths; continuing disruption of essential services; continuing disruption also in the daily lives of citizens, particularly for families with young children; increasing numbers of both adults and children suffering from Long Covid; large numbers of people at high risk having little choice except to shut themselves away; and increasing opportunities for the virus to mutate to avoid our immunity.

Yet this situation could have been avoided and can eventually be reversed. We have only to properly resource and stick to the public health measures which have been successfully used for previous  pandemics and spread of infection can be reduced to a very low rate – especially now that we have learned a great deal about how this virus spreads, and have vaccines to strengthen the public health approach. Governments have largely failed to explain this simple approach to the public, suggesting instead that relying on vaccines alone is enough, and hoping to avoid investment in public health services.