How to make communal spaces safer from infection – and why it matters

Zero Covid Scotland held a public meeting on 5th November looking at how the risks of infection can be reduced in communal spaces. As initiatives to open warm hubs multiply in response to the impact of the cost of living crisis this is a crucial issue.

There is a real challenge to get Covid Safety on the agenda. Edinburgh City Council considered a report on Warm and Welcoming Public Spaces, at its Policy and Sustainability Committee on 1 November. But COVID safety isn’t covered in this report.

The panellists at the meeting were:

Ian Mullen, UNISON City of Edinburgh Branch Health & Safety Officer, and member of the Zero Covid Scotland campaign.

Hilda Palmer of the UK Hazards campaign on ventilation. Hilda was named as the most influential individual in Health and Safety by Safety Health Practitioner in 2020, and hasn’t slowed down since.

Dr Sally Witcher. Sally is a campaigner for a safe fully inclusive new normal for all people at high clinical risk, from Covid and responses to it, and is the former Chair of the Scottish Commission on Social Security.

Here are the videos of their contributions.

You can access more detailed and source referenced details of Hilda’s presentation so you can customise your own demands and use reputable sources to back you up.

The presentation slides can be accessed here.

Check out our briefings, including a recent briefing on clean air and ventilation, on the resources page

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