Excess deaths: the human cost of ‘living with Covid’

Graham Checkley looks at the human cost of living with Covid

In February of this year, the Scottish Government published their plan for “Living safely with Covid”. Since that date there have been 2,213 excess deaths, 1,185 from Covid.

It’s a simple enough human statistic, how many people are dying compared to a prior 5 year average. Covid remains the main killer, and what makes it worse are indicators that life expectancy is falling, particularly amongst the poor.

We are not “all in this together”, and when the government tells us that they are doing everything that’s needed they are telling a lie.

In fact, Independent SAGE has produced a seven point plan to suppress Covid infections and reduce disruptions.

Masks, testing, vaccination, ventilation, are all there in the Independent SAGE plan because the vaccination only approach is not enough. We need a vaccine plus approach and that has economic implications that our government does not like.

Testing has effectively stopped due to the UK government pulling the financial plug, but mask wearing and ventilation are under Scottish Government control. It was their political choice to make mask wearing optional and ventilation standards near-toothless guidelines; anything to convey a sense of normality and encourage big business.

Things become even worse when you put Covid into the context of a Cost of Living crisis and a Climate Emergency. Having Covid is serious enough, but add not having enough to eat, being freezing in winter and baking during the summer..?

Living with Covid? It’s a recipe for murder, unless we fight, on every front.

Here’s a start, a petition in support of Covid sick pay for NHS professionals.

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