Sign up to the Covid Safety Pledge

We urge businesses, third-sector organisations and public sector organisations to sign the pledge below to commit to making reasonable adjustments with regard to equality and health and safety to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees from work-acquired Covid-19 infection:

  1. We will sign, display and comply with the Covid-19 Safety Pledge introduced by the Independent SAGE: 

We pledge to protect our staff and any users and customers from Covid-19.

We will assess our physical environment and working practices according to Health and Safety Law including Risk Assessments, in order to ensure that they are designed to safeguard against the spread of infection.

We will abide by best public health advice and ensure that all employees who test positive for Covid are both asked and given adequate support to stay at home and self-isolate.

2. We will ask and support all staff to self-isolate at home if they or a household member are infected with Covid-19, for as long as necessary, until they have tested negative on two consecutive days following an infection or, as a household contact, following the normal Covid-19 incubation period.

3. We will provide Lateral Flow Covid tests for all employees to test daily on days spent at the workplace or travelling for work, as well as throughout the period of any Covid-19 infection.

Download a PDF of the pledge here.

Download a version of the pledge to display here

Please email to let us know you have signed. We will be happy to share examples of good practice/commitments to protecting staff publicly on Twitter if you wish.

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